Download and Approve Reports

Clicking on 'Download and Approve Reports' will allow you to download any previous reports that have been generated, approve the reports and delete any that are no longer relevant.  Any reports that have been previously generated will remain as they were on the day they were generated, acting as an archive of previous reports.






The following information is displayed:

  • Report Date:  This is the report has generated or will generate on.  This is set when creating the report.  All headteacher, teacher and subject comments will need to be entered before the report date in order for them to appear on the parental reports.

  • Name:  This is the name the report was given during the Create a Parental Report stage.

  • Curriculum:  This is the curriculum the report has been associated to when looking at markbook assessments and subject comments.  Only one curriculum can be used per report

  • From and To:  The dates that have been set to look at information from the markbooks.

  • Pupils:  The number of pupils that have been selected to be included in the report during the Create a Parental Report Stage.

  • Created Date: The date the report was created on.

  • Generated: Indicates whether the report has been generated.  Reports that have a 'Report Date' in the future will not generate until that date.

  • Download: 


     The 'Download' button, which is available for any report that has generated.  This will download a zip file containing all of the reports.  

  • Approve:_CLPH177ZtQi1OO3WsYNchwTYz_kmangaQ.png?1579789193This button allows the reports to be approved, indicating that they are correct and ready to be distributed to parents.

  • Delete: 


    The red bin icon will delete any report when clicked on.